Be a part of the girls golf revolution this summer.

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Achieve the goals you set for yourself this summer.

The Summer Program at The G2 Academy gives female junior golfers the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of their summer training.

Finally, a junior golf program designed with competitive female golfers in mind. 

G2 is designed specifically for girls, empowering them for their future success. The summer program at G2 academy encompasses all aspects of training to maximize success and achieve expectations.


• June 14 - August 1st, 2020

• Arrive Sunday afternoon 

• Depart Saturday morning


• Lots of cool stuff 

• The hottest brands for junior girls 

• Stuff your brother wouldn’t wear


• One of a kind program 

• Exclusively for female athletes 

• Experiences to last a lifetime

Summer Camp at The G2 Academy is the premiere way for junior girls to get the most out of their summer training. The time to own your future is now.


What can you achieve this summer?

Students can join weekly sessions or stay the entire summer! While participating in the G2 Academy Summer Program, students receive G2 Proprietary Training in golf, mental toughness, physical fitness, nutrition and empowerment. 

On departure they have an individualized training report and a plan to continue their training.

Maximize your training. Own your future. Make friends for life.

Where do you want your golf game to take you?

Young women deserve the same opportunities as young men. 

G2’s mission is to level that playing field. 

 The G2 Academy's Full-Time program provides an atmosphere for learning that is focused and minimizes distractions thus expectations become achievable. Our female centric system maximizes the performance in all training disciplines. The G2 Academy is the only female centric junior golf training program that will improve their golf game and prepare young women for leadership, growth and empowerment on and off the course.  

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